Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The first ever Hambo Sketch Challenge is officially in the books.

Who won you say? Well, first I have to tell a quick story of how the winner was chosen...

I diligently wrote down all of the names on pieces of paper, folded them into small squares and tossed them on the table in front of my cat Eleanor. She promptly swatted the folded pieces of paper (a.k.a. cat toys in her mind) and picked one up in her mouth....

The winner is.........


If you will email Monica at Hambo Stamps and give her your addy, she will get your packet of Hambo GOLD on its way to your door!

Congratulations to you and a HEAPING thanks to everyone who participated! The cards were AWESOME!!!!!

Don't forget to check out the new blog addy and get working on your next challenge!

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