Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birthday Chick

My co-worker Carrie celebrated her birthday today, so I had to make her a card (of course)!!!  This is one of my favorite stamps from Penny Black and it always makes me laugh.  Since she is a bit of a party gal, I thought this would be a great choice for her!

Copic Colors Used:
Chicks: R81, R83; RV91, RV93; Y13, Y15; YG01, YG03
Combs: R22, R24
Beaks/feet: Y35, Y38
Stools: T0, T1, T3
Accessories same colors as chicks...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Spica Marker Holder

About a month ago, I purchased one of the new Copic Marker carriers (LOVE IT!), but my only complaint is that it didn't come with a place to store the Spica markers (since they have to be stored horizontally).  For a while, I just had them laying on top secured with a rubber band...I wanted something better!!! 

On Black Friday, I bought myself a small sewing machine so I could do some repairs (and hopefully sew on cards!) and decided that I would try to create a pouch to hold my Spica markers.  I found this ultra cute material at Jo-Anne fabrics and ventured into an unknown realm.   

Originally, I had hoped to create a piece that had elastic to hold the markers in place, but that proved to be TOO complicated for my skill set... 

This was my second try.  I created a pouch that can lay flat on top of my markers in my case for travel and is secured with velcro strips. I thought about adhering the whole piece to the lid of the case, but since it is a plastic material, I didn't want to run the risk of it tearing after repeated use.  I can just take out the whole set and roll it up while I use my markers.  The lines aren't all straight, nor is the workmanship 100%, but it will do the task and I am pretty proud of my efforts!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Young at Heart

This card was made for my Grandmother's recent birthday.  I thought this image from Mo's Digital Pencil was perfect...she is very much "Young at Heart."  All of the cards I make her always go into a box called her "keepers."  I am guessing this one will join them!  The paper is from My Mind's Eye.

Copic Colors Used:
Shirt: RV0000, RV000, RV00; RV10, RV11
Bloomers/Ribbon/Purse: BG10, BG11, BG13
Leaves in Hat: TG00, YG01, YG03
Grapes: V06
HAt/Shoes: R22, R24, R27
Skin: E0000, E000, E00
Hair: Y23; YR23; E31

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Puppy Love

My co-worker asked if I could make a card for her to give her daughter on her birthday and this is what I did for her.  The image from Mo's Digital Pencil is super sweet.  They have a dog and I thought this image was perfect for the occasion. The papers are by My Minds' Eye.

Copic Colors Used:
Shirt: RV63, RV66, RV69
Shorts: BG0000, BF000, BG01
Boots: E31, E33, E35
Dog: YR20, YR21, YR 23, YR24
Skin: E0000, E000, E00
Collar Tag/Tongue: R22, R24
Collar: BG0000, BG000, BG01
Bandaid: RV63, RV66
Hair: Y23; YR23; E31, E33, E35

Friday, November 18, 2011

Birthday Giraffe

One of my co-workers has two adorable girls....one recently celebrated her birthday and I wanted to give her a card.  I chose this precious giraffe by Mo's Digital Pencil.  Aren't those eyelashes amazing??????   The patterned papers are from My Mind's Eye.

Copic Colors Used:
Giraffe: Y21, Y23, Y26; E55, E57
Leaves: YG13, YG17
Flower: YR12, YR14, YR15
Ground: YG0000; E31, E33

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Extra! Extra!

My brother recently celebrated his birthday and this was the card I made just for him!  On the inside, the sentiment says "Timothy is REALLY old today!"   I couldn't resist....he promptly reminded me that I was six years older than he is...........hmmmmmm.....maybe I shouldn't have been so smug!  The image is from Mo's Digital Pencil and I thought it was a great choice....

Copic Colors Used:
Jacket/Pants: B91, B93, B95
Hat: YG91, YG93, YG95
Shoes: E70, E71, E74
Newspaper: W00
Skin: E0000, E000, E00

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oldie But Goodie

I needed a birthday card for the brother-in-law of a co-worker.  I decided to use one of the images from a set by Arielle at Wax Fruit Company.  Love this old car! It reminds me of an old family car when I was young...

Copic Colors Used:
Body: BG10, BG11, BG13
Chrome: C0, C1, C2, C3
Tire: C5, C7
Windows: W00
Brake Light: R22, R24, R27

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Again, another great image from Arielle over at Wax Fruit Company. I sort of copied her layout a bit on this one too...they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...so I will use that as my excuse!

Copic Colors Used:
Flowers: RV21, RV23, RV13
Stamen: YR21
Leves: YG61, YG63, YG67
Sky: BG0000

Monday, November 14, 2011

With Sympathy

I have to give a shout out to Arielle over at Wax Fruit Company...She is the artist who did this amazing Lavender image and I also have to give her kudos for the design...I used her sample as my inspiration.  I love her clean, crisp cards and I even tried to do the "dot thing" she does to fill in the white space.  I didn't quite get it right, but it looks pretty good! 

I thought this would make a great sympathy card, so I went with it... I think it turned out very beautiful.

Copic Colors Used:
Flowers: V01, V09, V12, V15
Stems: YG11, YG13, YG25
Dots: YG00, YG11, YG25

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I adore this cute image from Wee Stamps. I have been meaning to color it for some time, and I finally got around to it.  I think it would make a sweet anniversary card or valentine.  The cute patterned paper is from My Mind's Eye.  I did some of my faux stitching to add a little definition.

Copic Colors Used:
Blue Bird: BG0000, BG000, BG01
Yellow Bird: Y00, Y11, Y13, Y15
Beaks: Y32, Y35, Y38
Bar: E31, E33, E35
Flowers: R81, R83, R85
Leaves: YG11, YG13
Ring: W1

Saturday, November 12, 2011

This card was made for a co-worker that recently left for a new job...sigh...It was a sad occasion, so I wanted the card to be light-hearted. This is another set from the Inky Antics line that I got at the show in July.  I love this one....very cheeky (pun intended) and super simple.

Copic Colors Used:
E31, E33, E35, E37

Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebrating Veteran's Day

I made this card a while back for my Uncle's Birthday.  Since I had not yet posted it, I thought putting it up on Veteran's Day was appropriate. I know there aren't any veterans left from the Civil War, but it is about celebrating those who have fought and those who continue to fight for our freedom.  I honor them today.  Thank you for your service to our country.

The image is a digital one from Hambo Stamps and is one that is dear to me. I am a descendant of a soldier who fought bravely for the Confederate Army.  My uncle has done a great deal of research on our Confederate ancestors as well as others, so that is why I chose this great image for his birthday.  I know he loved it!

Copic Colors Used:
Uniform: W00, W0, W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, W7
Rifle: E31, E33, E35
Knapsack: E35, E37, E39
Shoes: E44, E47, E49
Bayonet: C00, C0, C1
Skin: E0000, E000, E00
Canteen: E13, E15, E17; C0, C1, C3
Beard: C1, C3, C5

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hippo Fun

This is another fun set from Inky Antics!  The inside sentiment says "I'm Still A-Round"  Tee hee.... Thought it would be fun to send to someone I haven't heard from lately...

Copic Colors Used:
W00, W0, W1, W2, W3, W4

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Miss you deerly

I made this card for a dear friend that I miss tremendously...This is a stamp from a collection by Inky Antics that I purchased at a stamp show back in July. I thought it was sincere without being too serious!  I bought several sets at that show and will be sharing cards from other sets in the coming days.  I know I have been negligent in posting, so I have typed up a bunch of posts to gradually show up for many days to come! 

Copic Colors Used:
Deer:E 51, E53, E55, E57
Leaves: YG11, YG13, YG17