Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Card-Free Weekend

Hello all...

This weekend was the 230th anniversary of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse here in Greensboro. The weather was beautuful and I needed to get out of the house and de-stress from work. I got out my camera and went with a friend to go watch the re-enactment. It was a lot of walking and standing, so my calves are barking at me today, but it was fun to do something totally different for a change!

I took a ton of photos (the joys of a digital camera!) with my new zoom lens and there were lots of cool pictures. Below are a few of the ones I took. There are about another dozen or so that were really good, but they will have to wait for another time.

There was a great turn-out, but it was hard to find a good place to take the pictures...lots of BIG trees in the way! We got there about 40 minutes before the event started and we had a tough time getting a place where people wouldn't be getting in front of the camera...

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Christy said...

How fun! I love getting out and doing new things. You must have had a great time!