Friday, May 18, 2012

Hambo Stamps Channel Surfing Blog Hop

Welcome to the "Channel Surfing" Blog Hop sponsored by Hambo Stamps! Today Hambo customers and the Bacon Bits Design Team are bringing you fun creations that depict TV show titles! It might be our favorite show, or just one that was fun to design. If you arrived here from Beverly's blog  you are in the right place! If not, you might want to start back at the beginning at the Hambo blog to make sure you are eligible for the hopper prize!

A prize will be awarded to one participant whose TV-themed creation tickles the Bacon Bits’ fancy in a hammin’ jammin’ way! Another prize will be awarded randomly to a hopper who comments on all the blogs along the way. The winners will be announced on the Hoedown blog, as well as on the Hambo company blog,
Talk to the Ham, on Wednesday, May 23.

My creation is an homage to Bob Vila and the This Old House series.  I am a DIY woodworking junkie.  I don't actually DO any woodworking, but if I had my own place, I would love to try!  When you rent an apartment, the landlords typically don't approve of you renovating their property (even if it would make it better!).  Even though I feel like an expert after watching all of the shows on TV, I am sure I would make a royal mess of things.  I would LOVE to try though! For my entry into the TV themed card challenge, I used two digi stamps from Hambo:
Carpenter and House.

Now I have to admit I ADORE the smell of fresh cut wood and varnish....before you send out the people with the little white jackets that tie in the back, bear with me.  When I was growing up, my paternal grandfather was a woodworker and master craftsman.  I spent many hours in his workshop and those smells remind me of the special times I spent with him as he worked on furniture, or whatever needed repairing.  They say that certain smells can bring back memories.  For me that is very true.  

While I am at it, I would like to share a picture I have of me with my grandfather many years ago.  We were messing around with something VERY important since he was in his Sunday suit!  You can see his shop in the background. 

Below is a photo of me and my "Pa Pa" in his shop.  I was the best helper EVER! that you have followed me down memory lane, you can get back to the reason you have stopped by today...A BLOG HOP!

Now dance on over to Judy's Blog for another great TV show!

Below is the list of the other blog particpants in case you are lost! I also have the usual list of Copic markers used.

Talk to the Ham - Hambo blog


Melissa (YOU ARE HERE)
Next up......Judy

Copic Colors Used:
Roof/Trim/Shirt: YG91, YG93, YG95
House/Trim/Jeans/Gloves/Suspenders: B60, B63, B66
Bushes: YG21, YG23, YG25
Sky: BG0000
Stone: No, N2, N4
Boots/Belt: YR20, YR21, YR23
Hat/Level: Y13, Y15, Y17
Hair: E44, E47, E49
Skin: E0000, E000, E00
Windows: Lemon Spica Marker


Dawn Mercedes said...

oh wow...what precious photos!! Fun combo of hambo stamps....

Karin said...

Well, your coloring just rocks and I love that you tied the card, tv show and family memories together!

Monica Hunter said...

I think Tim has very similar attitudes about wood and the smells associated with working with it. I've got to admit, we've got a lot of those same smells in just the other room - the "shop" where the Hambo stamps are milled, among other things. Your show choice and the digis you used to represent it are just perfect! And thanks for sharing the pictures of you and your grandfather. Precious memories!

Pat said...

What wonderful, sweet memories you have, and how generous you are to share them. My grandpa was a carpenter, as well, but he was a very stiff, private man, who kind of scared me. But I used to sneak into his basement workshop by myself and explore. I can still see it in my mind and smell the memories LOL.
I love that you incorporated two different images onto your fun card!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Great card, I love DIY Network too! And your trip down memory lane was nice, my Grandpa had a shop that was similar.

Carolina Little said...

Very cute card Melissa and very cute story as well. Great colouring. Very good choice!!!

Deborah Anton said...

Wonderful card! Your coloring is beautiful and the whole thing represents the show perfectly! Great job!

Carol said...

Love it! Bob Villa for sure. Great card!

Cheryl L. said...

Such great coloring! Nice!

Heather B said...

Great card. Thanks for sharing those pictures too. So cute... great memories.

luvmycards said...

Nice to meet a Tarheel! Born and raised there until 14 but my brother lives in Greensboro! Small world! I love the yummy blues in this card and it's perfect for the theme! makes me want to go and find these digis! Thanks for sharing!

Hey Hey Paula said...

What great memories Melissa. Your images are perect for the show & awesome coloring as usual.

Becky said...

I knew what show this was when I first saw the card, :) great card and wonderful coloring.

Mary G. said...

GREAT card!

Judy Rozema said...

I love seeing the sweet photos! How special those memories are! Your card is just superb! Perfect choices for your show choice! So glad you hopped with us!!

Sandy Trefger said...

Love how you colored the house digi. Super cute card!

Valerie said...

Very cute card and very sweet memories with your Pa Pa. Thanks for sharing them!

Beverly said...

Wonderful memories and fantastic card!

Sherry Hickey said...

Hi Melissa! Fabulous card; love your colors and how you popped up the carpenter! I think I love your post and your photos about your Grandfather just as much!! You were a little cutie; thanks for sharing your sweet memories.

Winnie said...

What a great card. I loved that show! Love how you colored the images.. (I was always partial to Norm!) Love the pictures you shared with your dad. So very special.