Monday, November 28, 2011

Spica Marker Holder

About a month ago, I purchased one of the new Copic Marker carriers (LOVE IT!), but my only complaint is that it didn't come with a place to store the Spica markers (since they have to be stored horizontally).  For a while, I just had them laying on top secured with a rubber band...I wanted something better!!! 

On Black Friday, I bought myself a small sewing machine so I could do some repairs (and hopefully sew on cards!) and decided that I would try to create a pouch to hold my Spica markers.  I found this ultra cute material at Jo-Anne fabrics and ventured into an unknown realm.   

Originally, I had hoped to create a piece that had elastic to hold the markers in place, but that proved to be TOO complicated for my skill set... 

This was my second try.  I created a pouch that can lay flat on top of my markers in my case for travel and is secured with velcro strips. I thought about adhering the whole piece to the lid of the case, but since it is a plastic material, I didn't want to run the risk of it tearing after repeated use.  I can just take out the whole set and roll it up while I use my markers.  The lines aren't all straight, nor is the workmanship 100%, but it will do the task and I am pretty proud of my efforts!

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Lorianna said...

Wow, what a great idea!!
I always say as long as it serves it's purpose and you are comfortable go for it!!