Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Layer Card Tutorial

I had someone leave me a comment recently asking how I make my one layer cards, so I will walk you through a card step-by-step.  I hope it is clear and that it will inspire you to make some pretty cards!  I have found that they can be used for a variety of events and would make great card sets for gifts or just to have around when you need something.

This is the card that I will be demonstrating for you:


I used the following supplies:

This includes: acrylic block, ink pads/markers, stamps, mist spray bottle with water.  For my card, I used three colors of Memento Inks (Lilac Posies, Potter's Clay, Peanut Brittle).  I use markers to color the acrylic block and full size ink pads for the stamping, but either would work.  I forgot to include it in the picture, but I also used Onyx Black VersaFine Ink.

Step One:
I used an acrylic block that is a bit longer than my card so that it goes off the edges of my folded card.  I took the three Memento markers and colored the acrylic block (going from light to dark to keep from transferring color).  You can do the same using ink pads, but I find you have more control over the colors and design with the markers.  Stampin' up markers, Memento markers, Distress Ink markers...all work fine.

Step Two:
After you get the block inked up, then you spray mist the ink with water.  You will get a different effect depending upon how much water you use.  You kind of need to experiment a bit to see what you like best.  I find that I like them a little wetter.
Step Three:
You will "stamp" your folded card with your acrylic block. I stamped it to the left so that I would have room for my sentiment.  You could experiment with different size blocks and locations. The possibilities are endless!
Step Four:
Once you remove the acrylic block, you are left with a background of ink.  Sometimes you will have some curl in the paper, but I find that you can continue the process without any problems.
Step Five:
Now you will need to mask off the parts of the card that you want to keep clean.  I use Post-It Notes, but I recommend that you use two notes for each piece you put down.  I have found out the hard way that inks tend to bleed through one layer and leave random ink marks on your card.  It is frustrating to go through the effort to make the pretty images and then end up ruining the card!  However, if it happens to you, not to worry!  You can just cut off the part and mount it on a new card.  You won't have the one layer style, but you can still use it!
Step Six:
Next you will need several stamps to use to help create the background.  For this card, I used a music staff (Tin Can Mail), some flowers (Sparklers from Penny Black), and a swirl stamp (PrintWorks).  Some of them I have had for some time, but you could use faux words, all kinds of greenery and other texture/swirl type stamps.  If you look at some of my older posts, you will see all kinds of things used!
First, I stamped the music staff using the lightest of the three colors I used (Peanut Brittle).
Then, I used the Sparkler flowers from Penny Black using the medium color ink (Potter's Clay).
Lastly, I stamped the swirl stamp with the darkest color (Lilac Posies).  I have found I love using this swirl stamp for many of my cards.
If you want, you can add more layers with other stamps, but I decided that I would keep it to these three for this one.
Step Seven:
Next up is the REALLY FUN PART!  Removing the Post-It Notes to reveal your masterpiece!
Isn't it beautiful???? It's amazing that something so simple can look so dramatic!!!
Final Step:
The last thing is to add your sentiment.  I tend to use sentiment stamps from Wordsworth, but you can use anything that will fit in the space you have.  This one is from a set called "Life Affirming."
If you are not sure if it is the right size or whether it will work, get out your Stamp-A-Ma-Jig.  Don't have one?  You must have one!  I use it all the time for adding images to be sure they are straight or evenly spaced.  It is so simple to use and you can use it to "test the waters" with your sentiments before you commit it to paper. You can also experiment with ink colors to be sure you like it before you stamp it on your card.
For inking my sentiments, I tend to use Versa-Fine ink pads.  They provide better ink coverage than the Memento inks.  For this card I used Onyx Black.
For the finished card I also added a score line on either side of the inked section just to help accentuate it a bit. 
I hope that this tutorial has helped and that you will be making your own masterpieces! 


Debbie S. said...

Thanks Melissa,
Great tutorial, very easy to follow. Can't wait to try this technique

wanda50 said...

WOW!!! Great technique it. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! Can't wait to try this! I came across your blog from one of your beautiful cards on pinterest.

Jasleen said...

Thank you Melissa for sharing such a wonderful and amazing stamping technique. Pinning it and definitely gonna try it :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Your cards are beautiful!

Gail said...

Hi Melissa ....I love this tutorial. These cards are beautiful and right up my ally. I can't wait to try this.

Kay said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It is beautiful and so effective. XX

debbie said...

I have made quite a few card using this technique, it is so effective. I loved seeing what you have done and the colour combinations you used

Donna said...

I just found your card on Pinterest and really liked the tutorial that you did. Can't wait to try it!

Thank you!

Mary Jane Ciurla said...

This is a wonderful technique. Can't wait to try it. Found you on Pinterest, and it certainly made my day.

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, this is so kind of you and a great tutorial. Did you use regular cardstock or water color paper? Thanks

jnelson said...

Can you tell me where you found that stamp? I love the sentiment. Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

Mary Jane...I used regular cardstock on the cards!

Anonymous said...

The stamp is from a clear stamp set by Wordsworth. I love all of their sets.

Ozjane said...

Thank you for the delightful and clear tutorial....have played with the first step but appreciate the masking ideas.

Susan said...

I agree, this was a great tutorial, so well explained...and a beautiful card to show. The scored edges really finish the card well. Thank you.