Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gelli Printing Marathon!

I finally had time to do some more Gelli printing this weekend.  I invited my friend Pam over and we spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening cranking out cool prints!  I ended up with around 30 prints and I think she had more than 25.  We were covered in acrylic paint before it was over, but that means we had lots of fun...right? 

Below are some of my favorites from the day.  Now I have to start doing something with the mounds of cool prints I have been creating.  I have used them for envelopes and strips on some cards, but I need to expand that.  I purposely created some this time that were lighter in color and plan to do some stamping on top to make some cards.

Since last time, I ordered some more of the rubbing plates and out of all the things I have been using on the prints, these are my favorite texture creating implements.

I also went outside my normal color palette and did some more wacky color combinations.  I really fell in love with the blue/gray combo ones...  You can choose your own favorites!!!





Patty Albertson said...

Very cool! I just bought a Gelli plate and I can't wait to play with it!

Betty Franks said...

Those are all great! Must be hard to pick your favorites. Thx for sharing!!