Thursday, October 2, 2008

Copic Marker Certification!

I have now become a certified Copic Marker Instructor! I even have the official certificate to prove it!

I had a great time yesterday at the training class in Charleston, South Carolina. However, the UPS man was on our hit list! The shipment of markers and materials (including our "goodie bags" were supposed to arrive on Tuesday, but they didn't arrive until about halfway through our class. We got a lot less "play-time" with the markers than some, but we made the best of our situation.

Now I just have to practice a bit until I feel more comfortable using the markers. Plus...I have to start collecting more markers so I can have lots of colors to choose from.

I will try to post a card soon using my new skills! (Or at least I hope I have some new skills!)


Kim Lenhart said...

Hi Melissa...I came to visit your blog so I could see your kitty babies!! I love the cards that I see on your site, you are one talented lady!! Yesterday was alot of fun, and I too can't wait to keep playing with my markers, and collecting more of them too!It was nice meeting you and thanks for the image with the shutters that you let me have to practice my coloring on!!

Kaye W. said...

Hey girl! I had a lot of fun stamping today - even if I did not get to stay the whole time! I like your new "blog look" and congrats on the certification!